Sunday, May 14, 2017

Pretending is the New Thing

When you buy a pair of  pre-dirtied, $425 (USD) jeans from Nordstrom you want people to think you are a person who works hard; physical work that makes you sweat.   You are so focussed that you don't notice and don't care that you are getting dirty:

No couch potato here;   a real man's man (whatever that is).  We expect rippling muscles from the man wearing these jeans.   All that exercise must have made a difference.
Naturally good looking but doesn't know it, or at least doesn't act like he knows it.   He's not so vain.  But even better than the real thing, it doesn't smell of dirt or tar or even dog poo.   And it doesn't leave a trail of detritus from the job site.   

I suppose it isn't very different from the ubiquitous yoga pants worn by many who don't practise yoga.  (now in see-through style):

One of the more conservative looks

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